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Marr Valve miniature valve products are used in very specific applications such as water purification, chemical dispensing, photographic processing, carwash, automotive, medical, dental and beverage dispensing.

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Miniature Valve Specialists

  • Customer Driven & Responsive High-Tech Manufacturing Specialized Engineering & Design
  • Extensive Machining & Molding Capabilities
    • Specialized Engineering & Design
    • Prototype and Short-Run Options
    • High Production Screw Machining
    • Multi-Axis Machine Capabilities
    • Plastic Injection Molding
    • In-House Mold Design and Fabrication
Marr Valve is known throughout the industries it serves as a quality-driven and responsive company. Marr Valve promotes both its own standard valve product line as well as the customized and specialized valves it helps customers develop for a wide variety of applications.

"We are not selling a commodity, we are selling a service and this means that we custom design and manufacture products for our clients."
- Daniel McKeown, President